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no wifi connection

asked 2013-08-14 18:45:02 +0000

jabdulj gravatar image

updated 2013-08-15 11:31:34 +0000

I'm new to fedora 19 and I don't have wireless on my laptop. My alptop is a Dell Latitude D630, I use my laptop as a dual boot. when I go to the public library I cant pick up it's wifi at all

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Go check out http://wireless.kernel.org/en/users/Documentation/FAQ Question 1

yanglifu90 ( 2013-08-14 19:41:42 +0000 )edit

What he means is: please update the question with the output of the lspci and lsusb commands. That'll tell us what hardware you're using and we can advise you further.

FranciscoD_ ( 2013-08-15 11:35:16 +0000 )edit

I have same problem on fedora20 (3.11.10-301.fc20.i686+debug) My wired connection works but I cannot see an Wifi from Settings > Network. I don't see nm-tool installed either. Please advise.

output of lspic:
lspci -nn
00:00.0 Host bridge [0600]: Intel Corporation Mobile PM965/GM965/GL960 Memory Controller Hub [8086:2a00] (rev 0c)
00:02.0 VGA compatible controller [0300]: Intel Corporation Mobile GM965/GL960 Integrated Graphics Controller (primary) [8086:2a02] (rev 0c)
00:02.1 Display controller [0380]: Intel Corporation Mobile GM965/GL960 Integrated Graphics Controller (secondary) [8086:2a03] (rev 0c)
00:1a.0 USB controller [0c03]: Intel Corporation 82801H (ICH8 Family) USB UHCI Controller #4 [8086:2834] (rev 02)
00:1a.1 USB controller [0c03]: Intel Corporation 82801H (ICH8 Family) USB UHCI Controller #5 [8086:2835] (rev 02)
00:1a.7 USB controller [0c03]: Intel Corporation 82801H (ICH8 Family) USB2 EHCI Controller #2 ...
fedora20user ( 2014-08-23 19:50:02 +0000 )edit

http://community.linuxmint.com/tutorial/view/1428 should help.

hello ( 2014-08-24 01:56:55 +0000 )edit

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answered 2014-08-23 20:51:30 +0000

0c:00.0 Network controller [0280]: Broadcom Corporation BCM4312 802.11b/g LP-PHY [14e4:4315] (rev 01)

defined in drivers/ssb/Kconfig
found in Linux kernels: 2.6.25–2.6.39, 3.0–3.16, 3.17-rc+HEAD
1)    Install broadcom firmware cutter (could be skipped if on fedora20)

    sudo yum install b43-fwcutter

2)    Download wireless card
 wget http://downloads.openwrt.org/sources/broadcom-wl-
or if you don't have wget, use /usr/bin/curl
 /usr/bin/curl http://downloads.openwrt.org/sources/broadcom-wl- -o broadcom-wl-

3)    Extract driver
    tar xjf broadcom-wl-

4)    Go to folder you downloaded the driver
    cd broadcom-wl-

5)    Activate the driver

    sudo b43-fwcutter -w /lib/firmware/ wl_apsta_mimo.o

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