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Installing mathmap and GMIC for Gimp 2.8 on Fedora 19

asked 2013-08-22 15:06:49 +0000

silconsystem gravatar image

updated 2013-08-23 02:36:09 +0000

Hello Fedorians.

Its my first question here cuz I've only recently installed Fedora 19 on my new Laptop, I've been using Ubuntu (actually Kubuntu and Xubuntu) for a long time on my Desktop. I've used Fedora before so I know my way around (a bit, u guys probably really know your way around !). So far so good until I stumbled in this troublesome troublemaker:

I/m trying to add some plugins to my Gimp 2.8 install on my new Fedora 19 laptop and I'd really like to have MathMap and GMIC in my plugin arsenal. I found that neither are included in Fedora's repositories but I've been busy trying to build the sources and trying to meet its dependencies. I've got both plugins + the Gimp Plugin Registry ready and running on my Ubuntu Desktop but for my laptop I decided to go with Fedora 19 (Gnome Shell). I use it for web and Android design and I've got my complete bag of tricks working on it but when I got to customizing Gimp I quickly learned that this one doesnt work the Ubuntu ppa:somerepo way, atleast not for my favourive graphic tool ! Does anyone have some tips on how to get either MathMap or GMIC going on Fedora 19 ?

So far I've built the source of MathMap and have met all the dependencies exept for libjpeg.so.8, I've got libjpeg.so.62 and libopenjpeg.so. I've got the sources for libjpeg8 but after building I ended up with libjpeg.so.9 !? When I create a symlink from libjpeg.so.9 I get: cannot find LIBJPEG_8; is required my mathmap. I've even tried to change the variables with hexedit but still the same sh*t. When symlinking with libopenjpeg.so I get MathMap in Gimp, right where its supposed to be but none of the plugins work and the MathMap crashes. I'm gonna look for the proper version of libjpeg.so.8 but it seems its quite hard to find on Fedora.

I've not been pushing as far with GMIC yet but I can expect the same I guess, it's really frustrating and I dont want to change my entire OS because of this again. I never thought Fedora would lack so much packages compared to Ubuntu.

Last resort could be running a Windows version under Wine but if that works I doubt it...

Did anyone already try to run these plugins on Fedora 19 and if so did it work and how did you do it? If I/we can get it working it would certainly be good news for some fellow Fedora users, the distro isnt that bad I think, I kinda like its simplistic interface (very difficult to customize though) and how I put it together now its really nice for coding and creating graphics in the same session.

PS: also there is no 'Gimp Plugin Registry' available either. You ... (more)

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This is probably not the answer you're looking for, but you can add the missing packages to the package wishlist ( https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Package_maintainers_wishlist ) or alternatively, pastebin the full compilation output (during make) to see if someone can help you.

jamielinux ( 2013-08-22 19:10:13 +0000 )edit

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answered 2013-08-23 03:30:59 +0000

nonamedotc gravatar image

Hi! I do not know about mathmap but I got gimp with GMIC plugin.

Please try this and see if GMIC plugin works.

Step 1: yum install libpng12

Step 2: unzip gmic zip file and move gmic_gimp to /home/username/.gimp-2.8/plug-ins

This should, I believe, get gmic working for you. Give it a try. If I can get mathmap to work, I will post here.

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