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Fedora 19: No bootable disc

asked 2013-11-02 00:54:12 +0000

Phillip.Gornstein gravatar image

updated 2014-09-13 00:46:08 +0000

mether gravatar image

I am using a Macbook Pro with Retina display 15" model (9.1). I partitioned my drive and installed Windows 7 alongside my OS X. Then I proceeded to install Fedora 19. The installation was successful, but after I rebooted and clicked on Fedora, the bootloader said "No bootable disc; insert disc and press any key to continue." This also happens when I try to boot my previously working Windows. I searched the web and found this solution (forums.fedoraforumDOTORG/showthread.php?t=291054), but to no avail. I am running rEFInd, and would really like to get this fixed so I can begin enjoying Fedora :D Please help!

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my /swap file is 7.5GB, I don't think this is the problem @Avik.

Phillip.Gornstein ( 2013-11-02 23:44:05 +0000 )edit

as i know if you are running low resource machine then you should need swap ... i don't think you need swap in macbook pro... and one more thing don't create more than "three primary partition"on a single hdd..this can make this type of issue.. manage your partition...i think it'll solve..and don't create swap unnecessary .. and don't keep any os in logical because sometimes or i can say many times windows boot from logical because of windows low end GRUB but linux cannot boot from logical..for it's grub...oh..yes sorry for belated reply.. :-)

Avik ( 2013-11-08 19:11:52 +0000 )edit

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answered 2013-11-02 08:49:24 +0000

Avik gravatar image

i think it's GRUB problem..try to make your partition like this:

/boot -- ext4 -- 500mb / --ext4 -- desired size for your file system+home folder /swap -- min 3gb

i don't know about mac so can't help you with mac's bootloader..

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