Reset crashed GNOME 3 session

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I am conntected to a FC20 server via VNC. Attempting to start Eclipse as root somehow wrecked the gnome session. The screen became unresponsive and after issuing a few 'vncserver -kill :9' and 'vncserver :9' commands the VNC view screen turned solid black.

Other users can use their GNOME session fine. I suspect that a reboot would help, but other people are running their projects on the server which I would not like disrupt.

I noticed beforehand, that the screenlock had some kind of error (apparently the "Unlock" button was permanently triggered for whatever reason) and could not be unlocked. Short of a reboot, I could not RESET this bloody GNOME session!

How can I reset my session, i.e. stop it and start afresh.

I have tried: - xkill: started xkill in an Xforwarded ssh-session and used it on the VNC viewer. It killed the session alright but to no avail. - pkill -KILL gnome-session: got a grey "oops something went wrong" screen which said I have to log out. Pressed "Log Out" button provided on the grey screen via keyboard; screen back to black. - gnome-session-quit --force/gnome-session-quit --logout --no-prompt: returned the error message "* (gnome-session-quit:30091): WARNING *: Failed to call logout: The name org.gnome.SessionManager was not provided by any .service files". No change. - deleted Xauthority, .ICEautority .gconfd .vnc .. no effect. (.gconfd has not reappeared.) No change.

I am out of clues. Any protocols I can provide which are of help?

I would be grateful for help.

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