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Touchpad Problems Fedora 20

asked 2014-04-21 03:23:15 +0000

hello gravatar image

updated 2014-04-21 05:02:16 +0000

mether gravatar image


I was using Fedora 20 yesterday with my USB mouse, and all was working fine. Today, after reboot, it doesn't detect any touchpad. I have synaptics installed (latest version). After another reboot, it detects my touchpad, but is unusable. I have tried changing the sensitivity, but no luck. Clicking does not work either. I have the Lenovo G510. The touchpad itself works becuase it works fine in Windows 8 (this is a dual boot).

Thanks for your help!

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answered 2014-04-21 20:09:57 +0000

sergiomb gravatar image

hi, what kernel ? , kernel-3.13.10-200.fc20.x86_64 put on black list some drive that breaks many things


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Hi, sorry for the late reply. I am still on kernel 3.11 :)

hello ( 2014-04-25 06:15:43 +0000 )edit

answered 2014-05-18 04:24:31 +0000

hello gravatar image

Some Options:

1) Switch the power outlet, and make sure you are running on native voltage (e.g. 110 V vs 240 V)

2) Create a new user, and do not change the sensitivity of the touchpad.

3) Reinstall in GNOME, sometimes this is a KDE issue (just an idea). I had none of these problems in GNOME.

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answered 2014-04-21 17:53:17 +0000

mohanprakash gravatar image

Many features of the touch pad are off by default, like click by tapping the touch pad.
You need to be sure that you have enabled all the features you need.

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No, the touchpad itself doesn't work. I cant move it. sysclient -l returns Couldn't find synaptics properties. No synaptics driver loaded?

hello ( 2014-04-25 06:16:37 +0000 )edit

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