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Fedora 20 settings does add my wireless Lexmark Prospect Pro 205 printer and the CUPS page does show it. I have successfully installed the ppd downloaded from Lexmark for a linux 64 bit OS. Yet, no job gets printed (not even a test page); it remains in the job-list for ever as being "processed". I have up to date firmware on my printer. Is there some bug somewhere in Fedora 20 or am I overlooking something ? Help is deeply appreciated ! SM 4/27/14

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Sometimes with Fedora I have found that you have to use printer drivers for older printers from the same range. I had this problem with a Brother 2130 - I used the drivers for a Brother 2030 and that worked fine (whereas before I was stuck at the same point you are now).

KingParrot gravatar imageKingParrot ( 2014-04-30 08:42:36 -0600 )edit