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No GUI after reinstalling gnome-shell

asked 2014-07-12 08:04:51 -0600

bngsudheer gravatar image

updated 2014-07-12 16:47:50 -0600

mether gravatar image

Fedora 20.

GNOME extensions were not working. So, I decided to uninstall and reinstall the pakage gnome-shell. After uninstalling, the GUI was broken. I rebooted the computer and there was no GUI. I logged on to the text mode and installed the package gnome-shell. Now, there is no GUI. Is there a way to get back the GUI?

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try sudo service gdm status and post results. :)

abadrinath gravatar imageabadrinath ( 2014-07-12 23:44:03 -0600 )edit

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answered 2014-07-14 10:46:50 -0600

Ahmad Samir gravatar image

Uninstalling gnome-shell would uninstall the gdm (the gnome display manager), you need that package to get a graphical login screen when you boot.

You can reinstall gdm or you can undo the whole transaction where you uninstalled gdm (to reinstall any other packages that were removed), first get the transaction id:

yum history list

then undo it:

yum history undo ID

and supply the transaction id you got from the first command.

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