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Yum autoremove deleting also used packages

asked 2015-01-01 10:53:10 +0000

danosavi gravatar image

Hello, I'm new to Fedora, used Ubuntu (and other distros) for years since a week ago when I've installed Fedora 21 Workstation on my laptop.

I've read here and on other forums that yum has the autoremove option which should be similar to apt-get autoremove in debian / ubuntu, removing all unused packages.

The problem is...I've tried running yum autoremove, and it deleted a lot of packages I did install before (like, for example, xsane), which were in use and I didn't want to remove.

Did I do something wrong? Thanks!

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Hmmm... That's strange. You could try use dnf autoerase instead.

Classic ( 2015-02-20 21:49:22 +0000 )edit

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answered 2015-11-19 20:08:02 +0000

xenithorb gravatar image

Anything installed with PackageKit will be removed by dnf autoremove because they are marked incorrectly and dnf doesn't understand that they are installonly

Solution: don't use the tray updater, and don't use apper / packagekit.

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