libreoffice writer not opening correctly in gnome environment

asked 2015-02-23 21:18:28 -0500

mgolterhere gravatar image

when opening libreoffice writer documents (which open on other systems) within fedora 21's gnome desktop on my laptop, the document shows up as a tiny (minimized?) line on the desktop. The document can be closed (there is a pop-up "X"), but not maximized - or at least I have not been able to maximize/make the document usable. Again, there seems to be nothing wrong with the documents - this happens only lately when the files are opened under the gnome interface. Not sure if a setting needs to be changed or what...etting

Thanks in advance for any help

PS If there is anyone out ther that knows about libroffice - how to ge3t this program to open .rts by default? (gedit cannot seem to read .rtfs made in libreoffice :P

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