Javaws on Fedora Live USB

asked 2015-02-24 14:18:37 -0500

zslade gravatar image

updated 2015-02-24 17:24:02 -0500

I'm trying to setup a demo USB to show Java-based HMI software running on linux. Fedora is our OS of choice for this demo, due to certain project requisites set by our suppliers. I'm new to Fedora, but I am somewhat familiar with using the terminal in Linux.

The demo computer should live-boot Fedora from USB, allow the user to download a .jnlp file from a local server, and then run the .jnlp file.

Everything seems to be fine except for running the .jnlp file. It runs using gedit instead of java. From what I can tell, the Fedora 21 live USB comes with Java, but not Javaws, and may or may not have IcedTea installed on it.

The live USB also appears to be read-only when I'm booted into it, so any package downloads either need to be quick/easy so that I can memorize them and perform them during the demo, or they should be permanent changes I can apply from within my windows environment.

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