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Reinstall without format /

asked 2015-03-20 23:25:08 +0000

That is it. Tired of fighting with my graphics card I just want to install again, but there are a lot of things I don't want to lose, some programs configurations and some init scripts I did (before blowing xorg).

Is this possible?

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answered 2015-03-21 00:07:25 +0000

florian gravatar image

updated 2015-03-21 16:30:20 +0000

You might not able to reinstall without formatting your system (and maybe re-arranging your partitions in a clever manner) BUT you will have to tell us more details to answer your question. And: don't worry: There is nothing you can't backup, and restore later.

  • Do you already have a separate /home partition? If not, do it next time, it makes totally sense because you can reinstall your system (/ and /boot are affected) without touching your home directory /home.
  • What program configurations do you want to save? Many (like gnome-settings, firefox, thunderbird, shotwell, keyrings, ...) are stored in hidden directories in your /home/. So, it is sufficient to copy your entire home directory including hidden files and folders, and restore it later.
  • If you want to save other scripts or configurations (like openvpn, vpnc, cron-jobs, rc.d, or repos you added) you need to backup /etc/ and later restore the relevant part of it.
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Y es, i have 4 partitions: /boot, /home, / and swap. Most some apps on /opt some icons themes in /usr/share/icons and some stuffs in /etc. Probably I will need to connect to ssh and backup this folders. Ah what pain in the ass, no radeon graphics for me in the future. Thx for your help.

X3MBoy ( 2015-03-21 11:33:00 +0000 )edit

And are you sure that you can fix your problem with Xorg (?)?

florian ( 2015-03-23 20:05:02 +0000 )edit

Is not only if i can, is that i don't want to.

X3MBoy ( 2015-03-25 00:11:01 +0000 )edit

My previous comment had spelling mistake: I wanted to ask "that you can't fix...". But OK, I got it now...

florian ( 2015-03-25 18:05:15 +0000 )edit

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