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slow response on brightness control - lenovo u330p

asked 2015-05-29 08:29:33 -0500

Yotam gravatar image

Hi guys.

I have a new Lenovo u330p machine with intel graphic card. This is my second machine of this model, after the service lab failed to repair a problem with the old one and they refunded me instead. The last one, after some wifi[1] tweaking, worked properly with Fedora. This one, however, show some issues with brightness control. Pressing the brightness up/down button once, works fine, multiple presses, or long press act as if I pressed only once for about two seconds. After that, the brightness updates to the new state (considering the other presses), and freeze again.

The slider also acts funny, trying to "pull back" to the old position. Scrolling over it acts normally while scrolling down, though it still "pull back" when scrolling up.

I tried to apply the acpi_backlight=vendor, acpi_osi=Windows, and acpi_osi=Linux to the grub menu without any success.

Any other ideas how to fix this?

[1]In case you are here for the wifi card, I created a file, iwlwifi-disable11n.conf at /etc/modprobe.d with the line

options iwlwifi 11n_disable=1
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Did you figure this problem out? I am facing the same issue on Fedora 29 KDE with Dell Inspiron 15z

EkanshdeepGupta gravatar imageEkanshdeepGupta ( 2019-01-19 04:50:32 -0500 )edit

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answered 2015-09-13 11:16:29 -0500

This happened to me exactly the same way on Fedora 21, but worked fine on Fedora 20. Later I found that the problem starts when I use Linux>=4.0. Now I use Arch Linux with linux-lts package (which is currently 3.19.51) and everything works perfectly.

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