Placement of Icons on Desktop Initially Disregards Top Bar Position

asked 2015-06-06 04:15:26 -0500

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updated 2015-06-13 06:18:01 -0500

I used the GNOME Tweak Tool to enable view of files on the Desktop. Generally, it does what that option says. However, there is an icon placement error since Fedora 22 (worked fine in Fedora 20 & 21).

After the system restarts, the icons are shifted upwards and the top-most ones are partially hidden below the top bar. Using them (e.g. double-clicking "Home") or calling something up from the top bar (e.g. Settings) usually fixes this temporarily, but it reverts to the shifted position after a restart. It gives the impression that the top bar is not considered when placing the icons initially.

While I believe that this is a (minor) bug, I do not know if and where else I can report it. So, I post it here.

Valid answers (rewarded with "Correct Answer" check mark) would be either a solution to this placement issue or where I can report this as a bug properly.


Since I evaluate Fedora 22, it is run inside VirtualBox. Just mentioning this in case it makes a difference. Installed it twice: 1x on a computer running Fedora 21 and 1x on a Windows 8.1 computer with the same result.


It seems to be on a real installation as well and not only inside a virtual machine. Scouring the Internet, it appears to be a general issue, not only for me.

Still it would be nice to know where to properly address this with the developers (either to notify them or increase impact).

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