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How do I use my FAS id to log in to ask fedora? [closed]

asked 2011-09-30 09:53:10 +0000

updated 2014-05-08 16:57:32 +0000

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The FAS id system joined the openid system quite a while back. How do we use this id to log in to ask fedora?

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answered 2011-09-30 15:48:02 +0000

updated 2013-03-19 21:23:27 +0000

Click on the Fedora logo button on the login page.

You will be redirected to the fedora account system to login. Once you login you will be asked if you wish to approve this openid use. Say Yes and you will be sent back here and logged in.

Also, see http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/OpenID for more details.

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answered 2011-10-05 04:15:08 +0000

updated 2011-10-05 04:19:58 +0000

If someone is already registered with the use of an alternative means (Eg: Google Account), is there a way to bind the FAS OpenID to that login?

Edit: This can be done with the link "manage login methods" in your Profile Overview.

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answered 2011-09-30 09:54:22 +0000

Quoting this blog post:

More news from the Infrastructure team Constantly trying to keep all of your passwords straight for the various Web sites you access on a routine basis? Throw out the Ginko Biloba and other memory-enhancing supplements because Fedora Account System is now an OpenID provider. The identity you create in the Fedora Project can be used across thousands of Web sites that utilize OpenID. Any Fedora contributor can use the site name http://.id.fedoraproject.org/ to serve as their OpenID provider, linking any OpenID-consuming site with their single account and password.

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answered 2011-09-30 11:51:17 +0000

mether gravatar image

updated 2011-09-30 11:51:47 +0000

In short, login using http://<fasname>.id.fedoraproject.org where fasname is your login name in the Fedora account system.

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