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1 fails with Firefox sec_error_keygen_fail message.

asked 2015-06-13 14:43:12 -0500

Rus gravatar image

Older copy of Fedora, Version 9 (circa 2008), was bundled with Firefox 3.0b5. This Fedora version ("Sulphur"), is old, but with tweaks and patches, works on older machines with surprising reliability (unlike most new software... ;) ) What is curious, is that now attempting to use Firefox to access the "" website, generates a "Secure Connection Failed - unable to generate public/private key pair". This is odd. This version of Firefox uses SSL 3.0, and should be good enough to connect to a website for at least reseaching update options on the very product being used.. Security is important, but old Fedora-9 supports SElinux and the Firefox supports SSL 3.0. The only place I have seen this error is on "", no where else. I want to update to a more modern Fedora, but now seem to be locked out of doing that. Is there an obvious workaround? (yeah, I know one.. get Ubuntu..) But seriously, I am running CentOS 6.6 (which comes with Firefox 31.1.0), on another machine, and it can connect ok. Firefox settings seem isometric on both boxes. Is there obvious workaround, or do I need to switch browser, before I can update Fedora?

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answered 2015-06-13 15:11:45 -0500

sideburns gravatar image

Your best bet, probably, is to use your CentOS machine to download F22, create a Live USB/CD/DVD (depending on what your old machine can boot from) and re-install from scratch. Be sure to back up /home, but remember that back then user accounts started at 500 instead of 1000 as they do now. Not only is your old machine vulnerable to many exploits that have been found and patched over the years, there have been so many changes in Fedora that I doubt that there's any other realistic upgrade path. Good luck, and keep us informed!

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Asked: 2015-06-13 14:43:12 -0500

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