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How to reduce the application icon size of GNOME Shell ?

asked 2012-01-06 21:23:17 +0000

I want to reduce the application icon size of GNOME shell.

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2 Answers

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answered 2012-01-06 21:26:54 +0000

updated 2012-01-06 21:27:34 +0000

To configure the layout of the application icons in the GNOME Shell, you have to modify /usr/share/gnome-shell/theme/gnome-shell.css.

Note: The contents of this file may vary as it is dependent on the particular theme that you are using. the modifications necessary to reduce the size and layout of the displayed icons by 50% in Applications Overview.

Use root user to edit files;

su -

vim /usr/share/gnome-shell/theme/gnome-shell.css


 /* Apps */ 

 .icon-grid {

     spacing: 36px;                     # [ Change the value to its half eg; 36 is replaced by 18]

     -shell-grid-item-size: 118px;      # [ Simillarly 118 is replaced by 96]


 .icon-grid .overview-icon {

     icon-size: 96px;                   # [96 is replaced by 48]



So after replacing it will look like this;


/* Apps */

.icon-grid {

spacing: 18px;

-shell-grid-item-size: 96px;


.icon-grid .overview-icon {

icon-size: 48px;




Alt-F2 r (or Alt-F2 restart) reloads (restarts) the GNOME Shell. If you just want to load a new GNOME Shell theme,

it is faster to use Alt-F2 rl. This only calls the JavaScript function that reloads the shell theme.


Simply logout and login again you see the changes that your gnome shell icons are reduced to 50%.

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answered 2012-08-17 19:32:13 +0000

An even better solution here: http://bit.ly/PrsIF5

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