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Can't set wallpaper, shortcuts etc. in Gnome

asked 2011-11-09 11:46:55 -0600

kenda gravatar image

Hey guys.

I upgraded Fedora from F15 to F16 via preupgrade. After that I'm having trouble with setting specific options in Gnome. E.g. I can't set the wallpaper, keyboard shortcuts, keyboard settings, themes and so on.

I deleted


with no success.

Has anybody an idea what could be wrong with Gnome or my setup?

P.S. For a new added user everything works well.

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1 Answer

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answered 2011-11-09 12:11:48 -0600

asto gravatar image

Try changing it with 'gconf-editor'. You will need to install the package first.

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Asked: 2011-11-09 11:46:55 -0600

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