Fedora 18 -loud fan,power management, reduce power consumption [closed]

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I'm a new linux user with no knowledge of linux OS. I have completed a dual boot along with win.7 as the primary OS. I have noticed that when running Fedora 18 my laptop consumes a lot of power as the fan turns on immediately and gets really hot. To confirm my doubt I decided to use the laptop on battery life running F18 and the battery lasted less than an hour compare to when using Win.7 which runs for more than 2 hours and completely silent. I have Gnome version 3.6.2 and recently updated the packages which were required to update by the Linux OS thinking it would fix any bugs and still having the same problem.

I thought I had to upgrade my video card driver [while on win.7] but no luck and I tried to do the same while on Linux and the driver update takes too long to complete with 101.6 MB ....

I would appreciate any tips/help I can get in order to fix this problem and have my laptop run quiet as it does when on Win.7.

Please remember I'm a new Fedora Linux user and I would appreciate it if you could be very detailed and specific.

I guess most commands are run through the terminal? Maybe some packages specifically related to my issue?

Thank you!!

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