no working fan sensors; fans not working

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At one point in time my fans started to work at full speed for no reason, and after reboot, they didn't work at all.I noticed that a couple days later when my laptop started to overheat and consequently freeze up.I installed lm_sensors and ran sensors-detect, and also ran pwmconfig,which tested my fans and they normally operate at full speed, but it also tells me that I have no working fan sensors. the RPM value at automatic mode is -1, after running pwmconfig the fans run at 255, max speed. This is the pwmconfig output after running it again:

*This program will search your sensors for pulse width modulation (pwm) controls, and test each one to see if it controls a fan on your motherboard. Note that many motherboards do not have pwm circuitry installed, even if your sensor chip supports pwm. We will attempt to briefly stop each fan using the pwm controls. The program will attempt to restore each fan to full speed after testing. However, it is * very important ** that you physically verify that the fans have been to full speed after the program has completed.

Found the following devices:

hwmon0 is acpitz

hwmon1 is nouveau

hwmon2 is asus

hwmon3 is coretemp

Found the following PWM controls: hwmon2/pwm1 current value: 255

Giving the fans some time to reach full speed...

Found the following fan sensors: hwmon2/fan1_input current speed: 0 ... skipping!

There are no working fan sensors, all readings are 0.

Make sure you have a 3-wire fan connected.

You may also need to increase the fan divisors.

See doc/fan-divisors for more information.**

Then I tried to use fancontrol, but I have no fancontrol config file, and pwmconfig doesn't create one. This is the sensors output:

acpitz-virtual-0 Adapter: Virtual device temp1: +40.0°C (crit = +104.0°C)

nouveau-pci-0100 Adapter: PCI adapter temp1: N/A (high = +95.0°C, hyst = +3.0°C) (crit = +105.0°C, hyst = +5.0°C) (emerg = +135.0°C, hyst = +5.0°C)

asus-isa-0000 Adapter: ISA adapter cpu_fan: -1 RPM temp1: +6280.0°C

coretemp-isa-0000 Adapter: ISA adapter

Core 0: +37.0°C (high = +105.0°C, crit = +105.0°C)

Core 1: +37.0°C (high = +105.0°C, crit = +105.0°C)

Core 2: +36.0°C (high = +105.0°C, crit = +105.0°C)

Core 3: +36.0°C (high = +105.0°C, crit = +105.0°C)

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