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Why does NetworkManager-l2tp require kernel with debuging?

asked 2016-03-20 15:44:41 -0500

JaspEr gravatar image

I noticed recently I'm using kernel 4.4.4 + debug (Fedora 22). When I removed it, it also removed NetworkManager-l2tp and xl2tpd. What is so special about L2TP it required kernel with debugging? It may be just a feeling, but the computer feels a little slower with the debugging kernel. I need to configure L2TP tunnel (it may wait), but I don't want to run debugging kernel (it appears first on the list so my laptop boot to it by default).

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answered 2016-03-20 17:54:12 -0500

sergiomb gravatar image

Hi, the solution is :

dnf install NetworkManager-l2tp  kernel-modules-extra

but how to fish this :

dnf repoquery --requires NetworkManager-l2tp


dnf repoquery --requires xl2tpd


dnf repoquery --whatprovides "kmod(l2tp_ppp.ko)"





if you choose install kernel-modules-extra , will not install kernel-debug-modules-extra , dnf and yum choose the first one when have more than one option, is a classic problem.

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Shouldn't that be a bug reported against dnf?

genodeftest gravatar imagegenodeftest ( 2016-03-21 04:52:59 -0500 )edit

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