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Can you change the style and color of the menu bars?

asked 2012-10-06 17:06:25 +0000

buckethead gravatar image

I am new to Fedora and am trying to find info on customizing the appearance of windows, menus, menu bars. I haven't been able to find any settings for this. I also tried to find out by checking the main Fedora page and the documentation and the wiki. If anybody happens to know where it is and could post a link or if it is more complicated just point me in that direction. I don't want to go the 'hard' route if there is an easier way and I am just not seeing it. Thank you.

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answered 2012-10-08 15:19:20 +0000

I'm assuming you're using GNOME as your desktop. You can change the colors of things using themes. You can install the theme installer here:


Then simply search for themes you like. Here's a couple of links to help:



Good luck!

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answered 2012-10-09 19:01:04 +0000

buckethead gravatar image

Thank you! This is perfect. Also thanks for the links to pre-made themes.

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