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Why does the Adobe flash plugin keep crashing? [closed]

asked 2011-12-22 12:39:36 +0000

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updated 2014-09-28 18:25:45 +0000

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I've installed the latest version of adobe's flash plugin directly from Firefox 8 and I'm using the same browser to open youtube and other websites that rely on flash. Unfortunately the flash plugin crashes only a few seconds after it starts playing content. I don't know what else to do.

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Duplicate of https://ask.fedoraproject.org/question/10217/how-to-install-adobe-flash-on-fedora/ Since the other question is older, I'm closing this one.

FranciscoD_ ( 2013-06-03 12:11:27 +0000 )edit

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answered 2011-12-22 14:10:21 +0000

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you may consider install the flash player plug-ins from ADOBE:

This post will cover a simple installation guide to yum install Adobe Flash Player 11 on Fedora 16. Please make sure you login as root.

  1. RPM Install Adobe Yum Repository (choose either 32-bit or 64-bit)

Adobe Repository x86 32-bit

rpm -ivh http://linuxdownload.adobe.com/adobe-release/adobe-release-i386-1.0-1.noarch.rpm
rpm --import /etc/pki/rpm-gpg/RPM-GPG-KEY-adobe-linux

Adobe Repository x86_64 64-bit

rpm -ivh http://linuxdownload.adobe.com/adobe-release/adobe-release-x86_64-1.0-1.noarch.rpm
rpm --import /etc/pki/rpm-gpg/RPM-GPG-KEY-adobe-linux
  1. Yum Install Adobe Flash Player 11

    sudo yum instal flash-plugin

  2. Verify Adobe Flash Player version Run Mozilla Firefox and enter about:plugins in address bar. You should look for the similar result as below: -

    Shockwave Flash

    File: libflashplayer.so

    Version: Shockwave Flash 11.1 r102

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