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Realtek 8188EUS usb wireless dongle drivers

asked 2016-09-11 14:20:30 +0000

Hi there, I've just installed fedora 24 on my PC. Everything works fine except for the wireless dongle. I had a look around and decided I had to install the RPMFusion repos but I think I need some firmware from realtek as well. Has anyone had any success with this dongle and fedora version?

http://itso.dk/?p=298 This guy seems to have done it for fedora 23 but this method doesn't work on 24...

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answered 2016-09-12 19:37:35 +0000

fcomida gravatar image

In my system I have /usr/lib/firmware/rtlwifi/rtl8188eufw.bin from linux-firmware-20160816-67.git7c3dfc0b.fc24.noarch

I just cloned the git repository you mentioned and successfully compiled the kernel module in my f24 box. What's the actual issue you're facing in doing the same?

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Asked: 2016-09-11 14:20:30 +0000

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