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Fedora 24: Firefox-Plugin for mov

asked 2016-09-20 02:42:25 -0500

MickN gravatar image

Hello there,

I am searching for an easy howto that explains how to play embedded mov-video files on websites with Firefox. Searching the web, I cam across an mplayer-plugin, but the rpm files there are quite old. The instruction for compiling it from source are not usable at the first step, because I cannot find any devel-package for mozilla (neither firefox).

So is there any simple howto that explains how this can be done?


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answered 2016-09-20 09:13:19 -0500

David-LDA gravatar image

If you mean Apple QuickTime Movie .MOV, then I don't think Firefox in Linux will play these. It's a professional film format rather than for on-line streaming. It needs QuickTime installing I imagine. You can download the files and play them off-line in other software. It's a locked down, annoying, out-of-date format that should be nuked :)

You could join the RPM fusion repo, everything you need for 'non-free' video codecs can be found there:

VLC player has the widest film format compatibility:

MPEG-1/2, DivX® (1/2/3/4/5/6), MPEG-4 ASP, XviD, 3ivX D4, H.261, H.263 / H.263i, H.264 / MPEG-4 AVC, Cinepak, Theora, Dirac / VC-2, MJPEG (A/B), WMV 1/2, WMV 3 / WMV-9 / VC-1, Sorenson 1/3, DV, On2 VP3/VP5/VP6, Indeo Video v3 (IV32), Real Video (1/2/3/4)

You might find you need to convert formats, I recommend HandBrake for that.

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Asked: 2016-09-20 02:42:25 -0500

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