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Wifi device not found on Fedora 25

asked 2016-11-26 23:44:41 +0000

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I installed Fedora25 minimal installation on my notebook (Asus Zenbook UX32VD) today. Unfortunately nmcli does not find my wifi device. This also happens in Fedora 24 minimal installation. However, KDE is able to find the Wifi device.

Which software do I have to install additionally? (I already installed NetworkManager-wifi) My Notebook has an Intel Centrino Advance-N 6235 (rev24) wifi device.

Thank you

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Please, issue this command on the terminal lspci | grep Wire, and paste the output here so we can help you better.

aeperezt ( 2016-11-26 23:57:41 +0000 )edit

maybe nm-connection-editor helps. (dunno if it only works on already recognized devices.)

ceres2009 ( 2016-11-28 13:05:12 +0000 )edit

@ceres2009: I installed the program but the wifi device isn't found anyway :(

dudas ( 2016-11-29 14:10:57 +0000 )edit

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answered 2017-06-18 08:48:45 +0000

updated 2017-06-18 08:49:44 +0000

with sudo akmods my macbook finds wifi. It will tell you what to do if akmods is not present.

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