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openvpn will not start via systemd after upgrade to f25

I've been running openvpn happily on 23 and 24. Finally get to 25 and my previously working systemd start fails with openvpn@vpn-home.service: Start operation timed out. Terminating.

I can start openvpn manually as root with

/usr/sbin/openvpn --daemon --writepid /var/run/openvpn-server/ --cd /etc/openvpn/ --config vpn-home.conf

so there's something about the systemd setup.

[root@paddy ~]# more /lib/systemd/system/openvpn@vpn-home.service 
Description=OpenVPN Robust And Highly Flexible Tunneling Application On %I

ExecStart=/usr/sbin/openvpn --daemon --writepid /var/run/openvpn-server/ --cd /etc/openvpn/ --config %i.conf

[root@paddy ~]#

I'm not using network manager to do my networking (using /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts), could that be interfering in some way?