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Good questions are easy to find, and should have enough information for someone to suggest a solution. Here are some tips on asking good questions:
  • Frame a question. Provide information that could be helpful to a reader when answering your question. If you're asking for troubleshooting help, please include software versions and exact error messages.
  • You can also edit your question later to clarify, or to add more information, such as logs or other output
  • Use correct tags — pick from from the chooser below, or (sparingly) add new ones. If your post relates to a specific Fedora version, use a tag like fedora25 (and not "f25" or "fedora-25"). If the post is a more general question, consider not using a version tag.
  • Use the mark up tools. This makes your question more readable.
A complete list of tips is maintained on our guidelines page. Please do read it through at least once.

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