A category for 'How to's?

We currently have categories such as using Fedora and installing or upgrading Fedora. However, I believe it would be beneficial to have one such as how to’s with Fedora.

a.f.o is a platform with a lot of good potential and has a very simple layout that is easy to navigate. I believe it would be beneficial to promote writing howto’s on here for folks who do not wish (or have time) to write an entire article for FMag.

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Hello @Striker and thank you.
Usually we invite people to contribute to quick-docs. You can find them here: https://docs.fedoraproject.org/en-US/quick-docs/

IMHO, the learning curve to write a quick doc could look scary and it needs more efforts than writing an how-to here on Ask Fedora or on a wiki page. But having a central place for such kind of documentation is valuable. In addition, it is a way to contribute and to get more involved in the community.

If you find some recurring topic here on Ask Fedora, you could suggest it, and if you accept the challenge, you could also write a structured document and propose it as a quick doc. People in the doc team can help and guide you in the first steps.