Abrt requests api key - what should I put there?

Abrt cannot report a crash any more. I get this message:

fatal: RPC failed at server. The API key you specified is invalid. Please check that you typed it correctly.

Is the key just the four digit number?

IIRC previously, I just provided my Bugzilla credential.

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This alert appears when you log in on Red Hat Bugzilla Main Page see blue box.

If you use the APIs then you should read the API Authentication changes announcement before your access is blocked on the 14th of March.

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The first time this happens, the abrt gui should show you a dialog asking you to enter the Bugzilla API key, which would have a link in it. This takes you to Red Hat Bugzilla, where under “user preferences” you can generate an API key with a single click.


I also note that we can now log in to Bugzilla either using separate Bugzilla credentials, or our Fedora accounts (the ones we use to login to this forum etc.)