Access or permission denied trying to open remote ssh location in Caja filemanager (F34)

A Fedora 34 installation, which was used to access remote locations all the time, is now unable to do so. Trying to open any ssh location in the filemanager using the ssh://server/ syntax fails.

In Caja, it says “Access denied”.

In PCManFM, it says “Permission denied” and “The specified location is not mounted”.

No ssh error could be found in the system log yet. Is there any hidden “debug” switch, so that the real error would appear somewhere? Accessing ftp locations in Caja is still possible, so it seems like the SSH integration was broken by an update. fuse-sshfs is still installed.

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Access denied implies a permission issue.
Is a username & password required?
Is the access using ssh keys?

You do realize that changes in security have occurred and that what did work in a browser/file manager may not continue to work as security issues are tightened up to close potential holes.

Can you from the command line use ssh user@servername and connect?
Maybe something was changed on the server to restrict connecting the way it has been done in the past.

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This Fedora was able to access ssh locations in the filemanager the whole time. Yes, the credentials have been configured the whole time, so ssh still works. Nothing has changed on the server, other clients are still able to access it.

My main question is - permission (denied) to what? Where’s the full error message?

Which changes are you referring to?

If you not respond to questions we make here, it is really hard to help you?!

As long as you not can find an error on your system , you have to look the error on you remote server you want to connect. If you do not have root access to the server you have no access to the error

If you say there are other clients still working we would like to have the info of the client who still works and of the client who not works anymore. Just so we can narrow down your problem.

Do inxi -Fzx in terminal and post the output as </> Preformatted text here.