Account deletion (typo in username)

Hello, I made a typo in my username when creating my account ( Can you please delete it (caiiloumajor), to allow me to create a fresh one ?

@alciregi thank you, I already read these threads.

My problem is that I cannot create a new account because my e-mail address is already in use in the old account, and I cannot remove this address from it.

Is that problem on the Fedora Account side when you try to create the new one, or is it a clash on Ask Fedora when you try to sign in with it?

The problem is on Fedora Account side when trying to create the new one.

You should be able to change the email address associated with that account to a secondary one, if you have one. (A trick: for gmail, you can do something like to make a new address. Other providers often have similar features.) Then, you should be able to make the new one. Once that’s done, an Ask Fedora moderator can merge the two accounts here.

If that doesn’t work for you for some reason, you can file a ticket at for Fedora Infrastructure to remove the email from your current / old account.

@mattdm thank you for your working solution (fortunately, I use gmail).

Cool. Post here from the other account and then reply with this one, confirming that you want them merged, and I’ll do that. You can also file an infrastructure issue (same link above) to mark the old account as inactive if you want.

@mattdm I post this from my new account.

Ah, I guess Discourse merged them automatically? It must detect the same email address and do that. Well, that’s good to know!

@mattdm the new account seems to have overtaken the old one, all is fine for me at this point, thank you a lot!

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