Account deletion

Is there an update available on the topic of account deletion? Some sides provide this service via a simple click, but at least a deletion should be possible.
I don’t want to delete my FAS account (whatever this is), but my account on this page. This is not urgent, but the process should be described in the FAQ in my opinion.

Incidentally, this is also a very good description of why I would like to be able to delete my data. 2-year-old posts actually no longer interest anyone, usually not even the author.

I disagree with the basic premise — old posts are often helpful and useful to many people. Sure, some things become obsolete, but it’s better to build up a database of community knowledge.

Of course, anyone has the right to drop out, but people doing so frequently and asking to take back or remove their contributions to the community pool of information doesn’t seem like something that we should encourage.

I agree that is is additional work. I was wondering about the topic because a user asked in the year 2019 to delete an account and that account still exists.

Of cause, nobody should be forced to take the effort to delete every contribution from a single user. That’s a waste of human resources so to say. Isn’t there a simple solution available?