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I suggest to add this as a common issue:
2121844 – Battery percentage gets stuck at a certain level (asus_ec_sensors locks ACPI mutex)
Issue in asus_ec_sensors in Fedora installations and other distributions
(this is what Eugene has referred to as potential solution although it is already questioned as such: 216412 – asus-ec-sensors causes the lid device is not compliant to SW_LID )

Already at least 4 related threads:
Battery indicator not working properly | ASUS TUF Gaming A15 FA506IH
Battery status problem in F36
The battery indicator stop functioning properly | ASUSTeK FA506IV
Power indicator state not working in kernel 19.4-200

→ I suggest to not merge them as this could end up very confusing… I connected them in the first one.

Hopefully, it will be solved within the next two kernel updates, but we cannot know for sure because the exact origin has not yet been identified, and reverting the asus_ec_sensors commit would be a big decision I think.

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Hey there. Please submit a Proposed Common Issue by creating a topic with the template in the Proposed Common Issues category.

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Ah, I misinterpreted a part in the common issues bot instruction. Thanks :wink: