Add Finnish category

Hey, Could you add category for discussion and questions in Finnish?

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Theorically we could… but first please see the discussion at

— in general, the language categories don’t seem to be working well for us. My hope is that we can get to the Enterprise plan and use the multilingual plugin instead.

That said, if there are a number of Finnish speakers here who would be able to support an active category of questions and answers, we could still create it in the meantime!

Hmm, that’s true and I think for Q&A forum like this, translating the same questions into different languages could work. However, for other types of discussion, it does not work. I understood that is for discussion about the project and for general discussion. Many projects and operating systems do not have similar approach to community like Fedora, which is why the local community has its own websites, forums, etc. This is not needed in Fedora because most things can be localized. In this case, the community stays in the same place. I would like to do the same for the forum so that Fedora has a forum with its own categories for local communities.

By the way, what does the future of Ask Fedora forum look like? I read that it might be merged to the Fedora Discussion forum, which may not be a bad thing, but it affects this.

See Considering a merge into — consensus was very strongly in favor of a merge, so I’m working towards that. Because of the traffic levels of both sites, we need the Enterprise hosting plan to do that, and that brings another level of complication (it’s not just “pay with credit card” anymore) so we’re working through getting that deal made. Based on how long it took us to get Matrix onboarded for, it may be a while yet.

But the good news is that once we have that, we’ll be able to enable multilingual plugin, which I think fits the Fedora approach the best.

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Thanks for your answers, I too believe that the difference between the two forums is unclear to new users. Discourse is FOSS? Of course, the project should be supported financially where possible, but unfortunate if it becomes a problem.

I agree with that on Q&A, but what do you think of my saying, I don’t know if translating the rest of the conversation works very well? The local community often has its own stuff and mixing them with the global debate can be bad.

In any case, I think local activities should be further increased. Improve the site, maybe provide site hosting for local communities, etc. and highlight discussions in all languages in the forum.

It would be great if this happened in the meantime, pending the merging of the forums and the introduction of the extension.

Off topic: Fedora is on many platforms and has many social media accounts, could it come to Mastodon/Fediverse? Wouldn’t Fediverse be just the right place for Fedora and support its goals? In fact, Matrix( is ​​also part of the Fediverse, but it would be great if Fedora were also part of the Fediverse social media world.


This is the right place for that conversation:


Oops true, but can you answer my questions/posts about this forum?

Sure! What things were still outstanding? Discourse is FOSS, and not terribly hard to set up and run for a small site, but we’re at the scale where hosting lets us focus on making Fedora Linux and the tools specific to that rather than on running a forum.

On the topic of increased community outreach and local events — see Fedora Community Outreach Revamp - Halloween Update – Fedora Community Blog

I think I got the answers :smile::+1: So, can we make the Finnish category, while we wait and are merged?

This is the Standard Operating Procedures related to making a new language category on Ask Fedora Language support :: Fedora Docs