Adw-gtk3 on Silverblue not detected

TL;DR - I installed the adw-gtk3 theme using its instructions and the option to select it doesn’t show up in GNOME Tweaks.

End goal:

I want to install the adw-gtk3 theme from here and use it on both my system base and layered apps, and my Flatpak apps.

What I’ve tried so far:

I installed GNOME Tweaks as an rpm-ostree layer. Then, I downloaded the tarball as per the instructions in the README, and extracted it to /var/home/.themes. I had to manually create the .themes directory. Then, I installed the flatpak theme modules using the instructions in the README. Finally, I installed the User Themes GNOME extension from Extension Manager. However, the adw-gtk3 and adw-gtk3-dark options do not show up in the drop-down menu like they do on other distros. When I try to set the theme using gsettings it sets the theme to default Adwaita instead, presumably because it did not find the specified theme. I have found that the themes present in Tweaks are located in the /usr/share/themes directory, which is immutable, and I do not wish to make an edit there unless absolutely necessary. The instructions specifically stated that extracting the theme to /usr/share/themes is necessary for applications running as administrator, so I assumed that apps with standard privileges would not need the theme to be there. The instructions also said to extract the theme to ~/.themes in Silverblue instead of ~/.local/share/themes in other distros. I have tried both locations.