After standby over night no connection to NAS


I have connected my NAS (Synology DS 220j)) to my Fedora computer (Fedora 36 with Gnome 42.2). To mount that drive I created an entry in fstab. After starting my computer it automatically connects the NAS. But when I move my computer to Standby over night, the NAS is not availiable at the next morning. The error message shows “The resource is currently unavailable” (see screenshot).
But when I type in in terminal sudo mount -a it immediately connects to the NAS.
When the Standby time is only some hours it is also working without problems. Also there is no problem connecting that NAS at the morning via my Android-App.

The fstab line regarding the NAS:
//IP-Adress/gemeinsam /mnt/Gemeinsam-NAS cifs,_netdev,credentials=/home/aunda/.smbcredentials,user,uid=1000,gid=1000

Is there something to make better in that entry?

Thank you!

(sorry for my english, my native language is German)

I believe that standby is designed to dismount remote file systems while sleeping, thus it is dismounted when the system goes to standby.

The fact that your fstab entry contains the ‘user’ option should allow you to mount and dismount the device as your regular user without requiring sudo to do that.

You should also be able to mount and dismount it from the file manager if you choose.

I do not have an NAS so cannot test this myself.

I have two folders on my NAS. One of them is mounted manually by clicking on the folder in the file manager. After that the folder is availiable.
The other folder is used by me and my girlfried. This is the folder mounted via fstab.

At this morning I first tried to mount the “manually mounted folder”. I wanted to see that the NAS is available after sleep. Everything was fine. The folder was mountet.

But when I click on the folder mounted via fstab after that, that folder is not available.

Waiting some minutes seems to solve the problem. When the computer is awake some minutes (maybe 5 minutes) the fstab-folder is connected.