Alternative DE install?

That worked very well! Thank you for the advice.

Everything works faster in Plasma. All the programs from Gnome also works flawlessly.

Very nice, looks better than LXQT and works just as snappy.


I would also want to add this:

  • Do not be tempted to install Fedora the archlinux way, i.e. do not just install the base system and add to it, because you will probably miss something important. Tailoring Fedora to your needs using this approach is possible, but you need to know already.
  • If you do not want to go with the Workstation, then choose a different spin and install that instead. This will make sure the system works ok after the installation. You can later remove or add anything you wish, when you know what to do.

I was just trying out the other DE’s while keeping the standard Workstation with Gnome.

Yes, keeping it standard gives one the best reliability. While I was removing Libre Office programs Gnome crashed. I usually just use Google Docs.

I don’t really need a lighter environment anyway, because the standard one works well enough and is better maintained than say LXQT?