"Alternative Voting Style" enabled — but has some issues

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Okay, as per the above, I enabled the alternative voting style display for the Site Feedback category only. So you can look at #site-feedback vs #english and compare how it looks. However, there’s an issue — it removes the avatars of participants in the threads, the activity time, and view count. I’m not sold on view count anyway (seems like just extra noise in the display in most cases) but the others are really useful.

I tried to tweak it back, but it turns out to be non-trivial to get right. (Enable the “Development (Use at your own risk!)” them in interface preferences to see what I mean.) So, should we:

What should we do about voting?
  • Just leave it as it was
  • Use the new theme as-is
  • Put in the time to put those columns back, try new theme
  • Disable voting (it’s just not working)
  • Disable voting (maybe this theme would help, but too much effort to fix it)

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I would definitely not put that theme in place as-is. :wink:

I think that to a large extent voting that applies to the whole thread is an issue. I would not want to vote until the solution was found and it was clean and relatively easy to understand. It also should be of interest to many but how to determine that?

A ‘like’ applies to just the one post and would be easier to judge the quality of the post than to judge the quality and utility of the thread for many. A post with many likes, especially if it is the solution, to me means more than voting.

One additional disadvantage to the vote is that it is very difficult to see the utility of the thread until the solution is found, posted, and the thread closes. For any meaningful vote after the thread closes a reader would have to scroll back to the top to vote, and on long threads it may not be worthwhile.

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Do we have a per reply level voting?

Sure — that’s the reactions.


Update: the author is making some improvements which will, I think, fix the issues with the theme. If that comes out soon, that changes the weighting of “too much effort”.