Amazon music unlimited: low audio quality on Firefox for Fedora

I’m switching from Google Chrome to Mozilla Firefox but I have a problem with Firefox for Fedora (85). Amazon Music Unlimited audio streaming quality is lower compared to the same service played in Google Chrome. Why? My system has ffmpeg and ffmpeg-libs 16-fc33 from rpmfusion-free. Also Firefox for Fedora has Widewine enabled (4.10.1582.2).

I also downloades and tested Firefox Nightly appimage with Widewine enabled (4.10.1582.2): audio quality is very good, the same as Google Chrome.

I think it’s a Firefox for Fedora issue. How can I solve it? Thanks

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My only guess would be you are missing some weird audio dependency. Try sudo dnf groupupdate multimedia --setop="install_weak_deps=False" --exclude=PackageKit-gstreamer-plugin (if you have both rpmfusions) and see if that fixes it. You could also try the Firefox build from Flathub.

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Hi, unfortunately I have all multimedia packages installed.

Firefox from Flathub also has low quality audio with Amazon Music Unlimited. That’s very stange! I also tried Firefox 86 beta 3 appimage form audio quality is as good as Google Chrome and Firefox nightly.

That’s so strange!

Maybe something was introduced in Firefox 86?

flatpak remote-add flathub-beta
flatpak install flathub-beta firefox

See if this works. I may skim through the 86 patch notes quickly to see if there is anything noteworthy.


Nothing noteworthy :frowning_face:

I did further testing in my system and Virtualbox. Here is a brief summary:

System (Fedora 33 Kde spin):

  1. Firefox 85 for Fedora (official Fedora repo): low quality
  2. Firefox 85 (Flathub): low quality
  3. Firefox 86b3 (Flathub): low quality
  4. Firefox 85 Appimage (GitHub - srevinsaju/Firefox-Appimage: Mozilla Firefox Stable AppImages by Continuous Integration): high quality
  5. Firefox 86b3 Appimage (same github repo): high quality
  6. Firefox 87 nightly Appimage (same github repo): high quality

Virtualbox (I only tested Firefox 85 in official repo):

  1. Fedora 33 Gnome (Wayland): low quality
  2. Manjaro Kde Plasma: high quality
  3. Solus Plasma: high quality

I don’t know if some is wrong with Fedora or not. Maybe Firefox appimage is built using different parameters that offer more compatibility…


I would definitely report this to the Fedora Firefox maintainers: Overview - rpms/firefox -

Also, give the Flathub beta version a try. If that version seems to fail as well, it may be worth reporting directly to Mozilla.