AMD RYZEN 5 4500U and AMD RYZEN 5 PRO 4650U

Hi everyone,

I wants to buy one laptop with either the AMD RYZEN 5 4500U or the AMD RYZEN 5 PRO 4650U. And I want’s to know if they are good for fedora-30 which I’ll be using.

Thanks in advance for your answers :slight_smile:

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and do you know if it will works without new updates ?

It is recommended to use the current version which is Fedora 32.

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yeah I know but my school is asking for this specific version :frowning:

There’s basically no reason to use an outdated Fedora/Linux release.
Moreover, there are many reasons against this, including those related to security and support.
And even if you have an important reason to do it, it is best to install on a VM.

It’s just like that. I can’t change it

so up for some answers :slight_smile:

There is no point in using an unsupported and insecure system, it’s like shooting yourself in the foot.
Upgrade to the latest stable release, the sooner the better.
Utilize virtualization if you still need some specific functionality from an earlier release.

I don’t know about those chips specifically, but in general, there is no reason to expect them NOT to work with any reasonably recent version of Fedora.

Regardless, as @vgaetera said, it is supremely silly to try to stick to Fedora 30 once it’s EOL. Suppose some massive security hole is discovered that allows anyone to walk all over your system. Guess when that hole will be fixed on Fedora 30? Literally never.