Anaconda Kickstart Boot Option: "inst.decorated=" not working

Hi all !

The Anaconda installer includes a range of boot options, which modify the default behavior of the installation program by enabling or disabling certain functions, as stated in Fedora Docs here


Starting with Fedora 27, the graphical installer window has no decorations. Use this option to enable window decorations again.

During the Anaconda install process, the shape to enable/disable window decorations is governed by the following parameter in the file: /run/anaconda/anaconda.conf:

decorated_window = ‘True’ or ‘False’

But this command parameter, passed in grub.cfg for example does not work:

linuxefi /syslinux/vmlinuz inst.stage2=hd:UUID=XXXX-YYYY inst.ks=hd:UUID=XXXX-YYYY:/anaconda-myks.cfg inst.decorated=1 inst.decorated quiet

Neither inst.decorated=1 nor inst.decorated do work…

Is it depreciated ? Anaconda Documentation does not mention this parameter nor does is states that it is depreciated or not

What would be the right syntax if it is still active ?


I have reported the issue in Fedora Docs /