Anyone else here having issues with uMatrix and

After enabling uMatrix with default Settings in Firefox, always shows a blank page unless I clear the cache first (e.g. by pressing Ctrl+F5).

I made sure not to block anything with uMatrix:

As soon as I disable uMatrix everything works fine, so I’m pretty sure it’s none of my other extensions.



According to uMatrix’s log it doesn’t block anything:

I don’t have issues like this with any other website I’ve visited so far.

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I don’t use UMatrix but I use uBlock Origin. When I block 3. party scripts and frames, I also get blank screen, I need to allow 3. party scripts to render it properly.


For comparison, this is when I block 3. party scripts:


I pinned the problem down now.

Enabling XHR for did the trick. I suppose it’s a bug in uMatrix because it normally displays a number in the relevant fields indicating how often the resource was requested…

uBlock is not causing any issues for me. I’m only blocking tracking scripts and the like with uBlock. Other 3rd party scripts are only blocked in uMatrix for me.


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