Apps for doing Research in Linux

On the topic of research and apps that help document research and write research papers in Linux (Fedora Workstation 31, now upgraded to 32) this is my experience and opinion:

LibreOffice is most compatible with the all formats for research conferences and journal paper publication, it even supports LaTex format.

Gnome Latex works great and is one of the best apps for Latex format.

Zotero is a great application for research for references and bibliographies organization, supports Open ID login by OpenID Foundation

Atom is one of the best text editors for code writing, you can “hack it” (legally and supported by FOSS licence) and make it your own to best suite you + post it on github

(I hope Microsoft will not change that and give priority to their VSCode text editor)

DataHub (Guthub for datasets) CLI tool works in Linux, website works fine, they should have a graphical tool soon (not sure if CLI works in other Operating Systems)

Joplin is great note taking to do list app, supporting markdown format
syncing with NextCloud (other sync options supported).

Firefox one of the best browsers that respect privacy and is not chromium based.

My Recommended Linux Operating system is Fedora Workstation with software from or just use Fedora Labs from start.
My Recommendation based on experience for doing research in Linux (Fedora Workstation) is:
LibreOffice + Gnome Latex + Zotero + Atom (and github) + datahub CLI + Joplin + Firefox

Any comments or advice are welcome here, I am always happy to learn about new FOSS (free and open source software) applications that are used in research today.

Original Post:
written few months ago during the time Fedora Workstation was at stable version 31.
Regards, Alex


Welcome to the community @astraadria4ari!

Thanks for that! That’s very useful!

There are a few special interest groups (SIGs) that work on research/science, so please consider joining them to help out. It’ll be nice to make Fedora a strong platform for research work :slight_smile:

(ones that I’m aware of).


thanks for the welcome, I am a member of Fedora discussion for a while, so decided to join here also. I was aware of SciTech SIG, but not about the SIG ML group so thank you for the provided information. I am a 100% Linux user and FOSS supported for 10+ years and a Fedora user for work for about the same time, I work as a data scientist and I use Fedora and FOSS for work and Data Science (ML / AI) so I am sure my membership and participation in those groups will be benefit for me and for the group.

Regards, Alex


I strongly agree with this and I am happy to report that my entire team at work (my company is a science consulting company sort of a think tank for research and development) about 10 people use Fedora Workstation and some use Fedora Labs or Fedora Silberblue. I use both Fedora Workstation with all the software from Fedora Labs and a test PC with Fedora Silverblue rawhive (the immutable Fedora).
We used different Linux (debian based) versions and some BSD, about 1 year ago we all switched to Fedora and it saves as a lot of time and we get more free time in the video / arcade game room.
Fedora truly ROCKS for science and research I can confirm that from personal experience.

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