Are accounts synced between Ask Fedora and Fedora Discussion?

I seem to have two duplicate accounts.
Currently I’m on mobile and my display name is different to what I see on desktop, I don’t have the same post history.

When I login via desktop with the same credentials it seems to log me into another account.

Now I realised that I was logging in to with the same logon and thats where my account is different.

I guess these accounts are not synchronised ?

I see Profile - jaydoubleu - Fedora Discussion over there, with the same username. Is that what you mean? Or is there an entirely different account?

Display names and other configuration information is not synchronized between these sites. I think that’s generally okay. It’s probably most useful to have display Name match, but other things like the bio or avatar or Title you might want different because of the different purposes of the two sites.

That’s correct.

It was just a little bit confusing. I was actually trying to log in to but ended up here and it didn’t seem right as I had different display name, missing avatar and I could not find my previous posts but then I realised it’s not the same site.

Google kind of suggests discussion is part of the

Btw. Now that know whats going on it doesnt bother me any more. I’ll just go to discussions by bookmark. On a side note, I’m not sure why there is two. The discussions one seems to be more organised and more user friendly to my humble opinion/impression.

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There are quite diferent:

  1. Ask For troubleshooting or end-user help.
  2. Discussion is for conversations about the projects in Fedora.



Let me add a little more detail:

  • Both Ask Fedora and Fedora Discussion use the same single-sign-on, Fedora Accounts. This is also used for many other things in Fedora.
  • As I mentioned, display name, profile, and other information isn’t synchronized between the two sites.
  • If you set up Libravatar for the email address you use, that will get used both places.

I don’t know if Google can be told not to do that. I assume it’s noticing that they’re both under the same domain name, and ranking them based on traffic.

And, on organization: I actually think Discussion’s organization isn’t working very well and I’m about to shake it up. (The per-team subcategories in particular are not scaling in a useful way, and we have more dead areas than their should be.) I’ll try to keep it feeling organized and user-friendly, though!