Are "audio" and "sound" useful as distinct tags?

Right now, we have both #audio and #sound tags. Is it useful to have both of these? Is there a meaningful distinction for searching, filtering, or for experts (or other interested site members) to subscribe to?

For that matter, is #audio-quality separately useful?

Are there other common tags which should be synonyms?

I’d be good with just one…

For what it’s worth, #audio is currently on 143 posts, while #sound is used just 33 times. (And there is some overlap, with posts being tagged with both for good measure.)

Yes, I think they should be combined into #audio.

Okay, I’ve merged them.

Can someone with TL1 (that is, no ability to create new tags) show me what happens if you now try to tag something #sound? And what about someone without admin but at TL2 or TL3?


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Sound is not necessarily Audio, but Audio is always Sound.

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True, but are there any on-topic questions about sound that aren’t about audio and which wouldn’t be equally-well (or better?) described with something more specific (like #fan-noise?)

So to me, what comes out of most computer systems doesn’t rate as audio. At least not for enjoyable listening sessions. I always refer to it as just sound. I also consider the surround sound system attached to my TV to be sound as opposed to (low fidelity) audio even. In any case, I don’t mind helping with sound card issues even if you want to call it “audio”:wink:

I just tried to add #sound to this thread. And it resulted with #audio added

for me the the audio-tag is the right one. I suggest too an audio-quality tag, that could include sound-card issues.