As a new user, I am not able to see the topic I just created even (especially?) while it is pending moderation

I just created a topic. I got a blurb that said that because I’m a new user, it will need to go through the moderation queue. That’s fine. But I now can’t find the topic to track its progress nor to re-read it.

You can view your user page:
for a list of topics you’ve created and/or commented in. The Activity tab also shows the two topics you’ve created.

I did visit that. The topic wasn’t listed there. This topic was, but the one describing the Fedora issue I have was not listed. Now it’s listed; of course now it’s also moderator-approved too.

Hello @inetknght and welcome to the community. Please take some time to read #start-here category if you didn’t it already.

Your topic went in the moderation queue because you posted it in a top category (i.e. #english, #español, etc.) that are not supposed to contain posts (as per this forum instance is configured).
You should use a sub category (for instance #english:using-fedora-english or #english:upgrading-a-fedora-installation): here every logged in user is allowed to post.
As many places in the Fedora Community, also this forum is managed by volunteers in their spare time: we try to do our best to keep things running :slight_smile:

BTW now you can see your post in the right category. Thanks for your patience.
Let’s hope that someone can help you in your issue :wink:

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Hi @alciregi,

Thank you for your reply. I did read #start-here. Frankly, I’ve used the internet for decades and this site is laid out in a very confusing manner. I posted it in the English discussion area and did not see any obvious sub category selection. I specifically looked for upgrade and/or troubleshooting help areas. It appeared that there are topics in the English area, so I figured there wasn’t enough discussion volume to warrant sub categories.

Let me show you what I see.

The banner on top says “Please use the sub-categories …”. If you have suggestions on how we can make this clearer, please do let us know and we’ll be happy to tweak things.

Well, I don’t know how to fix this. I am a software developer by trade, but not a web designer. If you’re interested in feedback then let me walk you through my experience.

On the landing page, I see “all categories”. Then I see “all tags”, then another “all”. There’s also “New Topic”. What does each one do? I dunno, I’ve never been here before and this forum interface is completely foreign to me. So I explored since I had some time.

When I clicked on all categories, it shows a drop-down menu which is identical to the bottom-left column behind the menu. It’s rather annoying that it hides the larger menu and replaces it with identical content, but whatever. Plainly, there’s not a lot of sub-categories. There’s:

  • “New users! Start here!”
  • “Community related discussions”
  • “Discussions in English”
  • “Discusiones en Espanol”
  • etc for several languages
  • “Site Feedback”

I looked for a troubleshooting category but it wasn’t visible.

When I clicked on New Topic from the landing page, I see a “category…” menu with languages and community related selections. I assumed it was the same menu as the “all categories” menu, for ease of access, since the text I saw appeared identical. So I retreated out of the “New Topic” menu and loaded the English discussion area to look for topics similar to my own.

I clicked the “all categories” menu then on English since that’s my native language. Then, the bottom half of the screen disappeared and was replaced with a spinner. The “Discussions in English” page loaded, the menu was replaced, and different topics were displayed.

I see the problem now, though. You changed the menu. It went away briefly, then returned. When it returned, the pink “Discussions in English” appeared which shifted all of the rest of the page content downward. The menu was redrawn but it isn’t obviously different: the new menu does not contrast with the old, and the new menu shared common text with other menus which made it even less interesting. The new menu is also small and squeezed between the other menus. And, when you combine the menu location changing with the rest of the window being redrawn, I didn’t notice that there’s now four menus instead of three.

What I did notice is that topics had been drawn in the English area – such as the pinned “What is fpaste and how can I use it?”, or “How to downgrade from Fedora 30 to Fedora 29?”, or “PAU09 not working in latest fedora 30” as displayed in the screenshot. None of those sound like sub categories. They sound like troubleshooting topics. So I figured here is where I need to click New Topic; I figured that English was the sub-category.

I did look around a bit. I did not see many people complaining of upgrades to Fedora 30; and those who did had different symptoms. I located and looked at the Search menu, which only had the English Discussions available as a search option. I declined to use the search feature, because I knew that I’d get a ton of unrelated hits for nmcli or dnf not working. I did search for rescue kernel or something similar. Is there a search history? I might have searched Google for that. But suffice to say, even rescue kernel didn’t seem promising to me.

When I grew tired of browsing and searching for similar topics, I clicked on “New Topic” from the “Discussions in English” page. The “Discussions in English” category was already selected. There is not a new menu for subcaterogies. I did not feel inclined to open a menu that I had already viewed at a previous screen when its displayed text confirmed what I’d already clicked on. Therefore, I didn’t notice that there’s new options which weren’t in the “all categories” menu. I didn’t notice that the category menu under “New Topic” had previously-unseen content.

In summary, here’s some advice:

  • I wouldn’t disappear the menu when transitioning between categories. I would put it above the pink “Discussions in English”. Importantly, the site menu shouldn’t move around relative to the browser frame (especially when scrolling – thanks for not doing that).
  • I would leave your sub-category menu visible even from the landing page. If you can’t select a specific sub-category without selecting a topic, then say so in it: you could make one dummy option in the menu saying something like “select a category from the left”, maybe translated to the estimated language of the IP geolocation. (including for example: saying instead “from the right” and having the page “flow” from right-to-left for languages which do that)
  • I would have the “Sub-category” menu labelled specifically instead of just “all”. That would be especially important if you want to keep the menu hidden until relevant; then it doesn’t share text with other menus and won’t show up in my brain’s processing cache and will therefore be more interesting.
  • I would keep the same navigational concepts in the New Topic area. Different navigational techniques on the same site doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. My first thought is to make the “New Topic” menu have the same main category menu and the same sub-category menu. But you could instead merge the main “All categories” menu and the main sub-categories menu** into one menu in the same fashion that you did with the “New Topic”'s category selection menu.
  • And finally, before I forget: when a new user posts a new topic in a section which requires moderator approval, allow that user to read/view/maybe edit/see the status of the topic.