Ask Fedora has api? | داره؟ api برای توسعه ask fedora ایا

I’ve read the Discourse features and I’ve seen Api.
Is api activated for ask fedora?
I’m going to develop a telegram robot to login and ask questions from Persian users in the Persian language group.

من امکانات Discourse رو مطالعه کردم و دیدم api هم ارائه میده .
ایا api برای ask fedora فعال شده و میشه از اون استفاده کرد؟
من قصد دارم ربات تلگرام برای لاگین کردن و پرسش و پاسخ کاربران فارسی در گروه فارسی زبانان توسعه بدم

Not that I am aware of. Can you link to this information please?

We’ll have to think about this a little. Can you please explain how this will work and how it’ll affect the platform here? How would users interact with Discourse? We don’t want a single login for the robot to ask questions on behalf of people, for example: each user should login individually.

i see about installation on this page:

and i found very very nice discourse doc in this url:

yeah. i wanna develop that with very idea.
for example:

  • every user should login
  • every user has log channel for self
  • can ask question
  • can answer by (id for example) and by reply message in group
  • can select Solution
    and …
    i found discourse library for python:

and i wanna develope it based on plugin for easier develop and Correction.
for example:

It is not suggested practice to develop against a production instance. I’d suggest setting up a local discourse instance for yourself and developing your plugin against that first. When it’s ready, we can enable the API here on this production instance. How does that sound?

That will also tell you what permissions that API provides etc, which must be clearly understood before we provide API access to the platform. At the moment, the API access seems to be limited to admins, so we need to see if it is OK for use by non-admins and so on.