archives are going away

Hi folks,

Just an FYI: the archives are going away. The instance is hosted by Askbot upstream so the Fedora community has little control over its management. It’s been read-only for quite a while now, since we moved to this new Discourse based Ask Fedora instance here.

Recently the certificate for expired and these archives are no longer accessible. So, instead of requesting upstream to update the certificate to keep the archives around, we feel it’s the right time to let them go and focus our rather limited resources fully on the new platform here.

A majority of the relevant information from askbot has already been duplicated here or over on quick-docs. If you can’t find the solution here or in the documentation, please ask a new question here.

Thanks for all your help and understanding.

Edit: now leads (redirects) to this post


Let it turned off. Every useful information had been ported over to Quick-Docs and probably asked again here anyways… “there is nothing older than yesterday’s newspaper”


I would like to add:

  1. Like all, :fedora: technologies it grows and all the information provided by askbot was becoming EOL.
  2. askbot information became stale.
  3. New technologies have appeared through all this time and now we have a better database of information here.