Audioproduction on Fedora and why one package can make a big difference!

Hello my friends ! I would love to see that in future updates the “wineasio” package could be installed via repos. It´s an essential package for all those who loves to make music on linux.

From my opinion it is essential - even in rpmfusion. I would love to see this coming. Compiling and building that from scratch is not the go-to solution. The reason for that package is that you are able to produce music on linux with high quality Windows-VST´s.

Its essential - it is so annoying that this package is not available via repos. Most other distros ship with it, or you are even with 3 copy&paste able to install it.

That is not to criticize , my intention is that Fedora is getting better and closes some gaps in different genres. So if somebody wants to adress this, i would highly appreciate that. Thanks in advance …and stay safe !

Hi @neo211070 , welcome to the forum.

Fedora volunteers package software they use, so if this isn’t yet in Fedora, it’s likely because no one in the community is using it. We avoid packaging software that we don’t use because then it’s hard to test the software and respond to bugs/issues etc.

You could package and maintain it for Fedora:

Otherwise we can add it to the wishlist here and wait for a community member to pick it up:

You can perhaps speak to the Fedora Audio SIG to see if they’d maintain it for you: