Auto Update Fedora 31

I keep getting notifications that Important Software updates failed x minutes ago. I do sudo dnf update --refresh and get Nothing to do. What is going on with this stupid auto update crap. The people who set this up are morons. I guess that means YOU fedora


Did you see that it is showing with you push in the info from gnome-software, possibly you have this same issue like these post. (but you should post what is the error/message to help you in the better way.)

Nope it is not fedora and it is not how it does work, you can be sure that if the issue was critic it would be already fix.



man dnf: dnf update:
“Deprecated alias for the Upgrade Command.”

Also the gnome-software not allow auto updates if your use an limited Internet connection (say, X GB a month. std::cout << "Hello, Apple's iOS";).

If your not feel perself brave enough, delete the gnome-software: i did, and see none of that bugs.

I was the one posting the first of the 2 queries. The workaround for me was to uninstall tpm2-abrmd as I indicated in the comments. Do that and you just might have solved your problem.

EDIT: I replied to @xtym, because that mentioned my post. The answer should have been addressed to the original poster @highfive.

EDIT2: checking out the error message you get should have pointed you to my post, unless you have a completely different error message in which case this solution might not apply.

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